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Photoshop is one of the most important tools for many graphic artist no matter if your a beginner or professional.In this section of the site i will teach you all you need to know about photo shop and how to make your projects look pretty.Now there are alot of tutorials out there on photo shop but most of them lack theory on why or what makes a technique or effect look the way it does and how you can apply if to other artwork.So in my tutorials i break things down so that even a child could understand it.So with that said click the link below and start learning.

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3ds Max Tutorials

3ds Max is one of my favorite 3d programs its used for film effects commecials and many other media related projects.If your a graphic artist and only use 2d programs like photo shop you dont know what your missing here.3ds max will bring many of your ideas to life better then any other program would and its very easy to learn to use not to mention that just aboiut all the animations here was made in this program.In this section i will teach you beginner stuff all the way up to advanced film effects.
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