Free Video Backgrounds

spinning earth Earth Animation

Need a animation of the earth? Well here it is, this this animation should help you with any sci fi or futuristic film production you might be working on

Abstract Animation Abstract Animation

Here is Just another abstract Background effect you can download for your dvd menus or even you tube videos just to add a little more attraction to your projects.Check it out and tell me what you think of it in the comments

Glow Tunnel Tunnel Animation

Ok here is a animation alot of you have seen or wanted to make before.The good old tunnel animation,well this was one of my first tries at doing the the effect and it came out pretty well i think.But i have no more use for it so now its all yours for free.

Shifting glass Shifting Glass effect

Alot of the animations i make are from somthing i seen in movies or tv and this one comes from the movie firewall.You may not remember the movie but in one of the opening trailers there was a effect of some glass panels moving across each other.So here is my attempt at it i hope you find it usefull.

Liquid Animation Liquid Background

This film effect is one of my favorites because i like fluid type of effects.This time around i created a blue chrome looking liquid moving randomly.This effect will work well just as an abstract background but iam sure you can find better uses for it.

Factory Sparks Silk Animation

This is just another abstract background you can use in your projects just to add a bit of a slow fluid motion.

spinning earth

Tennis Ball Spin

I Have always been a fan of those sports commercials graphics that you see when its time to break for half time or a commercial so i decided to start making some of those myself and this is just one of many i plan on making in the future.

spinning earth

Dark Green Tennis Ball Spin

This is just a second version of the Tennis ball spin animation only darker.

Glowing nexus

Glowing Nexus

For all your sci fi guys out there this animation is perfect for you.This is a effect of particles flying off a ball of energy into space and can be used for any space / science film or presentation.

spinning earth

Glass Piano Keyboard

Here is a nice glass piano keyboard for all of you musicians out there doing your own you you tube videos & other presentations.This works well as a transition clip or even a background.

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