Web Templates

Business Web Template Business Sense Template

A nice simple and sleet corporate template for those of you who want somthing with more images and graphics than text.

Music Retro Web Template Cure 79 Music Website Template

If your looking for a Music themed / Retro looking website use this this template.Or if your just looking for inspiration you can take this template apart and create your own, it has plenty of layers for you to use.

Music Retro Web Template Heart Breaker Web Template

This one is best used for a gothic theme theme or even a personal website for women.I created this just as an experiment and i really dont have any use for it so now its all yours to make into your own.

Business hosting template Buy my crap.com

Alright here is a template that has been alot of things.It started out as a website for a client but it didnt work out and then it was for a few photoshop tutorials and so now its a web template for the public.


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