Web Icons and Buttons

Playback Gel Buttons Funny Faces Icons
Iam sure you have seen those yellow smile faces all over the net by now but i decided to make a few characters of my own (and yes that is a black spider man in the picture haha)for every one to use.So enjoy every one.
Playback Gel Buttons Play Back Gel Buttons
If you need some video player buttons look no further. These are just
some nice simple Gel buttons you can use for just about anything.there
are a total of 6 of them in a Photoshop PSD file for you to use any way
you see fit, So enjoy.
Gold Star Gold Star
Nothing like a nice shiny gold star to make your feel special, just like in preschool.
3D Mouse Pointer
This mouse pointer Comes from the tutorials section and this is the final result i made and now its all yours.
3d arrow 3D Arrow
No need to really explain here, its exactly what it looks like.... A 3D Arrow!
3d arrow DVD CD-Rom
Ok guys here is a nice cd-rom i made in photoshop.Looks almost real but you be the judge.And as always i hope you enjoy it.
Twitter Icons Strange Looking Twitter Bird Icon
Twitter is such a popular thing now (i have no idea why) so i decided to have a little fun with the logo and came up with this for you guys to use on your web sites.
Vst Plugin Artwork Vst Plugin Artwork
Some of the most creative interface art comes from vst plugins and see i decided to try my hand at one. This download is more for learning then actually using in your websites but the choice is yours. have fun with it !!!
Futuristic Buttons Futuristic Buttons Pack
Here are is a pack of 9 very futuristic buttons to be used in any type of video player related theme.Very Shiny!!
3d Social bookmark icons 3d Social Book Bookmark Icons
After seeing about a million sites with these fansy social bookmark icons i finally decided to make my own and this free pack of social bookmarks is what i came up with.

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