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Ok so whats Givemefreeart.com all about? Well its simple what we do is try to give the guy on a low budget or on a dead line and need some good art quickly a fighting chance at having your projects come to life.But all in all its all about sharing with no strings attached you can download all you want here.

Now for those of you who dont know me.My name is logan kenesis and i have been doing graphic artwork for about 10 years or so and i always get people who ask me how much this or that is gonna cost them and when they get into the details of there ideas and hear how much it cost there usually like whoooa!! i cant afford that.

Not all graphic artist are cheap (at least good ones are not) but for good reasons to.For example most people dont realise it but your not just paying for a pretty picture your also paying for somones creativity,style and labor.The pro's who realise this fact will most of the time want a pretty penny for there work.

But now to worry boys and girls good old logan is here to help.This is the very reason i created this website everyting doesnt always have to be about money.Here at givemefreeart.com you can download all types of artwork from many artist who decided to donate there work to the public all for free the only thing i ask in return is that you help spread the word about this website and if possible participate in some of the forum post or upload some of your own artwork every little bit helps.

But not only can you download artwork for free you can also learn all the tricks of the trade from artist, directors, video editors or even just the average guy.So with that said guys iam gonna let you enjoy the website .

I have just downloaded a file but i cant open it, or it says the file is currupted, what should i do?

If this happends its usually because your using the wrong program to open it. All files here are in zip format so you will need to download the program Winrar in order to open them.(all files have been zipped with winrar)

My download stops without finishing... what happend?

This usually is caused for 2 reasons.The first being, you are using a download manager to download our files ( which is not allowed! see more on this in the rules ). The second is that too many people our downloading files from our website at once, you should try again later.

Rules (the stuff you cant do)
I'm going to make a video with some of your graphics / animations in the background and I want to upload it to Youtube. Can i do that?


I want to have your animations / graphics files on my own website for download. Is that allowed?

No you can not post any of our files on any other website for download.This one is a BIG no no! if you see any website with our files please contact me. However we are open to any one willing to trade there own artwork or music to do so, just email me if this interest you.

I like all the files here can i download everything you got? and are download managers allowed.

Yes you can download all of our files, But Download Manages are not allowed.They hog/spam our bandwidth and slow down this website if you use these you will be banned with out notice. So be sure to download through a standard web browser like firefox or internet explorer for example.

Are there any royalties i have to pay for what i download and use in my project

No. There are no royalties or hidden fee's everything you download is all yours to use in your projects.The only thing we ask in return is that you help spread the word about this website or give us credit in your projects this is by no means required but it helps this web site grow.

I would like to share some of my work with givemefreeart. Will you post it to this site?

Sure i think its great that your willing to share. Just email me with full details of what you would like to share and i will review it and add it with full credits to you and a link to your website.

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